February 28, 2022

7 top things to do in Paphos

Top things to do in Paphos, Cyprus

Let's begin with the more ancient side of things to see. Paphos is home to a number of historical buildings, archaeological sites, ruins of ancient civilizations, and stunning art. These archaeological sites in Paphos should definitely be on your list of things to do.

1. Kato Paphos Archaeological Park

Voter number one for ‘things to do’ on Trip Advisor, enjoy a slice of Cypriot history at this World Heritage Site. Marvel at the many sites and monuments from prehistoric times up to the middle ages. Step back in time to the House of Dionysus, a Roman Villa. The villa dates back to the second century AD, with beautiful intricately designed mosaics. Take in the Asklepieion, a sanctuary dedicated to the god of medicine.

2. Aphrodite's Rock

This is often described as one of the highlights of Paphos, but in all honesty it wasn't that special. Aphrodite's Rock didn't look like anything in particular, and the beach itself was (in my opinion) below average. Still, many people rate it as one of the things to see in Paphos, so perhaps you might want to make the trip out there anyway.

3. Tomb of the Kings

If you only visit one archaeological site in Paphos, it should be the Tomb of the Kings. This remarkable collection of underground tombs are carved out of solid rock, and date back to the 4th century BC. There is some debate as to if actual Kings were buried on the site. It is currently thought, that only high ranking officials were buried here. Still, it is a testament to the power of this civilization that bureaucrats were awarded such high honors!

If you decide to add a visit to the Tomb of the Kings on to your own list of things to do in Paphos, you should allow for at least a couple of hours on the site. It gets quite warm here – Best avoid the peak heat of the day, and bring plenty of water!

Horse Riding, Eagle Mountain Ranch

4. Horse Riding, George's Ranch

Whether you want to learn to ride in Cyprus, enjoy a beautiful family hack to the Sea Caves whilst on holiday, loan a pony or own your own top level Sports horse – our friends at George’s Ranch are here to help you achieve your equestrian goals! Their gates are open and they look forward to welcoming you to their equestrian centre.

Pafos Zoo

5. Pafos Zoo

Pafos zoo is a great option for those wanting to enjoy a family day out. Set over 10,000 square meters, experience the array of different wildlife, from monkeys to white lions to crocodiles. Head to the Amphitheatre to see the owls as they entertain you with their trickery. There is also a Children’s petting zoo for little ones to enjoy feeding the goats.

Coral Bay

6. Coral Bay

Enjoy a day of relaxation on this family-friendly beach, with its white sands, nestled amongst banana plantations and vineyards. It has lots of amenities, including sunbed and umbrella hire, as well as the option to try out the banana boat rides and jet skis. Enjoy lunch at one of the tavernas or sip on a cocktail at one of the bars located on the waterside, whilst enjoying the breath-taking Mediterranean vista.

The Lara Bay Turtle Conservation Station

7. The Lara Bay Turtle Conservation Station

Lara Bay is located at Akamas, a fifteen-minute drive from Paphos. As well as a rare opportunity to see the turtles, the beach itself is worth a visit, with is beautiful scenery and clear waters to cool off with a swim. It’s recommended that you travel in a car suitable for off-roading as the road into the beach isn’t suitable for all cars.

Paphos is a land for the romantics where the prehistoric and modern times meet. But whether you’re visiting the area to know more about its culture and history or just to bask in the beauty of the surroundings, you won’t run out of wonderful things to do in Paphos.


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